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    Meet the newest addition to the Full Throttle Team of Excellence – Our Duct Cleaning Robot
Tools of the Trade:
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At Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. we have the right tools for any job – big or small. We will come out and assess your commercial/industrial site at no charge and determine which tool is best for the job to make sure your job gets “done right the first time”.


Portable Vacuums: The 220 Volt Hybrid

Suction: The single most important aspect of a duct cleaning vacuum. It’s True, Most portables don’t offer enough suction to do a good job in a profitable time frame. The Revolution Hybrid is no ordinary portable.

The 220 Volt Hybrid Offers double the suction of most other portables, meaning you will get suction comparable to what many duct trucks are providing at the furnace while getting all the conveniences of a portable duct cleaning vacuum. The power of a duct truck in a vac the size of your coffee table!


The portable is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning. Ever looked at other portables and wondered how on earth you would get the unit into a house and down a flight of stairs?

The Hybrid is designed by people who actually do duct cleaning. We know how important factors such as size and weight can be on a job. At just 22” in diameter it fits through any door way and it can break apart easily to get into tight spaces. The 12” wheels don’t get caught up on stair treads so it’s easy to get up and down stairs. The Hybrid’s design is unique in that it works just as well upright or laying on its back.


Truck Mounted System

The truck mounted system is hands down the logical choice for some larger commercial and industrial jobs. We have one of the industries most advanced and reliable air duct cleaning systems.

Our truck is also equipped with a portable hybrid vacuum meaning no matter what the situation, we can it the job done and on time.


Portable Commercial Rated System


This high powered vacuum is powerful enough to run from the trailer or where portability is required, to roll it down the ramp and use less hose for when extreme suction is critical to the job. Take the suction of a duct truck anywhere it’s needed!


Duct Cleaning Robot

Distinguishing our company as the leader in its field!

Manual cleaning of air ducts at certain commercial or industrial sites can lead to disastrous accidents and unexpected overhead costs, and can be extremely detrimental to a duct cleaning professional’s health, especially in hazardous environments such as hospitals, or buildings where toxic substances are processed. Duct cleaning robots are the clear solution to these occupational hazards, and these products are on high demand by responsible duct cleaning professionals world-wide.

ANATROLLER™ robots are the most powerful portable robots for professional air brushing in rectangular and circular HVAC ducts. Combined with their versatility and maneuverability, as well as their exceptional obstacle avoidance and surmounting abilities, these robots are established asthe most sophisticated equipment in their class. ANATROLLER™ robots increase duct cleaning productivity and efficiency by making the job easier, faster and, most importantly, safer.


Roto-Vision® Video Inspection System

The Roto-Vision® Video Inspection System also assists in providing Full Throttle with a competitive edge.

When attached to the end of the duct cleaning hose, the 7-inch LCD color monitor records deep inside the ducts, providing clients with a clear picture of their air duct cleaning needs. Once a client contracts for air duct cleaning services, the features assist in showing real time footage of the ductwork cleaning as it progresses.

It is also waterproof allowing in-slab ductwork that may have water or moisture to be inspected.


Air Duct Fogging

Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. offers “air duct fogging” in addition to its other services. Moisture and heat in the ductwork can create an ideal breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which can and often do accumulate here. Sometimes this mold and mildew can cause an unpleasant odor.

Our technicians will apply a solution at the end of the cleaning process, using a specialized fogging machine that disperses a powerful mist throughout the duct system. Once done, the system is turned on, to allow the product to be circulated throughout all ducts and vents.

We offer three types of fogging:

  1. Odor Control
  2. Mold Control
  3. Smoke seal/soot encapsulant(typically for use after fire and/or smoke damage).


Please contact us for more information on air duct fogging.

Call Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. to find out which tool is right for your job. “Done Right the first time” – we guarantee it!