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    Welcome to our website... use our website to learn more about our company

    Meet the newest addition to the Full Throttle Team of Excellence – Our Duct Cleaning Robot
About Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc.
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How it all started

Clint Orr founded Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. in 2011 after founding and owning a successful Heating and Air Conditioning company. Being a Journeyman HVAC mechanic for several years, he saw the need for more qualified furnace and duct cleaning companies in the industry - a company that would take the extra time and do it right, the first time. A company people could simply trust.

We are industry professionals and we are committed to our customers. We do it right the first time – we guarantee it.

We contribute our continued growth over the years to the quality of our workmanship, our selection of services and affordable rates. We take pride in the solid customer relationships we have built.

We are bonded and complete criminal record checks on all new employees - after all we are in your homes and it doesn’t get more personal than that!


We have several portable vacuum systems for residential and smaller commercial jobs, a trailer with a portable commercial vacuum for mid-sized commercial/industrial jobs and duct trucks for larger commercial jobs.

We have also added a Robotics and Inspection Division to our commercial/industrial portfolio which allows for the duct cleaning and/or inspections to be performed by a robot and recorded in real time for the customer’s viewing pleasure.

We have the right staff and equipment for any job – big or small.

See our “Tools of the Trade” document for further information


Full Throttle has acquired both KleenerVac Services [2012] and the duct cleaning division of Evolution Insulation and Duct Cleaning (formerly known as Dusty’s Furnace & Cleaning Inc.) [2014]. It is with great pleasure that we welcome former KleenerVac, Evolution, and Dusty’s long term customers and new customers. We look forward to building a long term relationship with you.

Our focus is delivering a service that is unmatched. Ultimately, our success comes from you, our customer. We take pride in what we do and we look forward to earning your loyalty and support as new Full Throttle Furnace & Duct Cleaning Inc. customers!